Futuremed – EZ-3Basic ECG – New

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Microcomputer-controlled resting ECG

Digital sampling rate: 1000 samples/sec/chan

Dynamic range: ±9 m VAC

Electrode offset tolerance: ±300 m VDC

Time constant:>3.2 s

Digital resolution: 5 µV LSB

Frequency response: 0.05 – 150 Hz (-3 dB)

Myogram filter: 25 Hz or 35 Hz, user selected. ECGs can be copied with or without filter.

Line frequency filter: Distortion-free suppression of superimposed 50 or 60 Hz sinusoidal interferences by means of an adaptive digital filter.

Sensitivity: 5/10/20 mm/mV

Speed: 5/25/50 mm/s (direct)

Safety standard: CF according to IEC 601-1 and IEC 601-2-25