BioLight E70 Digital 12-channel ECG machine


New Item.


  • Touch Screen, more intuitionistic display
  • 8 inch color LCD, 12 waveforms synchronously display
  • QWERTY keyboard design, multi-function shortcut key, easy for operation

Data Saving:

  • Support saving internal data
  • Support saving High-capacity data via SD card
  • Support saving data via U dish
  • Support data transferring & reviewing & reanalyzing

Improved Performance:

  • Adapt Innovation digital filters for better performance
  • Fast-speed baseline correction algorithm rapidly stabilize baseline
  • Adapt 24-bit high-accuracy data saving ensure the accuracy of follow-up data analysis
  • Synchronization analysis for 12 lead waveforms, supporting report preview & report format adjustment

Function Upgrading:

  • Automatic measurement and interpretation certified by CSE data base
  • Rhythm report realized synchronous display of multi-channel data
  • Support Pre-sampling mode, Rea-time sampling mode & Trigger sampling mode
  • Automatic energy saving function
  • Support folded & reel type thermosensitive printing paper
  • Automatic position function, support external printer
  • Defibrillation protected & Pacemaker pulse rejection function
  • Diagnosis analyze: ≥140 kinds
  • Support barcode scanner