BioLight AnyView A3 – Transport Modular Monitor

New Item.

Key Features:

  • Anti-Glare Color LCD screen
  • 12V DC input for ambulance
  • External large screen display through VGA
  • 4G LTE SIM card, online patient monitoring system
  • Nurse call, analog output, defibrillation sync signal output

Data integration:

  • multi-screen, multi-interface display
  • ensure real-time data monitoring – connecting the central station in a wired and wireless way enhances your clinical work

Abundant extension modules:

  • MPS
  • Masimo Rainbow SpO2
  • BIS module

Option module:

  • 2-IBP module, 2-Temp module, Nellcor SpO2 module, Masimo SpO2 Module, Suntech NIBP module, RM module, Sidestream CO2 module, MicroFlow CO2 module, Mainstream CO2 module, Mainstream AG module, ICG module, C.O. module, EEG module, BIS module

Other options:

  • Thermal Printer
  • Rolling stand
  • Wall mount
  • VGA
  • External Display
  • Wireless Lan(WIFI)
  • Analog Output(ECG or IBP)
  • Touch screen